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Floral choice of the week : love in an ocean of honey and orchids

The floral choice of this week is dedicated to the smoothing and energetic power of the bright color flowers, especially theVanda orchids. A colorful assortment of cut vandas : ‘violet blue’, ‘Midnight blue’, ‘mandarine’, ‘peach’ and ‘Raspberry pink’ is associated with a honey camaïeu of Ilex, Tros Rozen ‘Barbados’, ‘Super bubbles’, ‘Fiesta bubbles’ and with a purple background of Hydrangea ‘Sibilla classic’ and ‘Marianne blue’ anemones.

Let ourselves be carried by an ocean of honey and orchids….and love..

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Floral theme of the week : nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain

The floral choice of this week is meant to offset the effect of November on our energy, with extremely bright colors, powerful contrasts and delicate smells : Red Ilex, tros rozen ‘Barbados’, ‘Grazia’, ‘scented air and ‘Smiley Sensation’ hydrangea ‘Magic Opal Classic’, Callas ‘Mango’, pimientos, Ginger torch, golden freesia and Vanda ‘violet blue’. Let’s add some energy to the place !

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Floral theme of the week : magic and realism

The floral theme of the week is deeply inspired by the fantastic work of the realist painter : Wilm Bals. Strong colors, work on complementary tints and on extreme textures ! Luxurious tros rozen : ‘Lady Bombastic’ and ‘Pepita’, glorious berries with Red Ilex and callicarpa, gigantic hydrangea Pimpernel classic, delicate cut vandas ‘Royal blue’ and phalaenopis ‘Tikal’ and ‘Happy Valentina’ are combined to create deeply contrasted floral composition !

Let the magic operate !

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Wilm Bals exhibition’s starts on Saturday the 3th of November, at the Gallery PauletteBos, Noordeinde 94, in the Hague

More about the gallery PauletteBos

More about Wim Bals

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Floral choice of the week : the sweet escape

The floral choice this week is meant to bring the sweetness, we need when winter is coming. The flowers are combined to create a camaïeu of sweet colors – between cream and pink – and a work on soft textures from the petals of the roses ‘avalanche’ and the ‘Mini-Eden’ to the softness of celosia and of classic hortensias and many more.

Let this week be a sweet escape.

Floral choice of the week : a walk in the October red forest

The theme of the week is dedicated to the red colour the nature is slowly arboring in October. All the flowers are chosen and mixed to create a camaïeu from Purple red to fire red, to celebrate the end of the summer floral season. The last summer flowers, giant purple dahlias, Garden Roses ‘Piano Freiland’, Callas ‘Captain romance’ are combined with the Autumn flowers : brassica ‘Purple crane’, tros chrysanthemum ‘Smokey’, roses ‘Purple power’ from Eminent, hydrangeas Rodeo classic, and fire astilbe…and a touch of oak leafs.

In the air, several vandas plants from ‘Violet red’, ‘Purple violet’ to ‘Magic red’ add a touch of lightness.

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Theme of the week : my glorious autumn forest

The flowers of this week are a tribute to the starting autumn : season flowers are combined in a camaiëu of automnal colors : Celosia ‘Bora bora’, outside chrysanthemum ‘Astro’,’Gloriosa lilies, hydrangeas classic ‘Madame Emilie Moullière’ and ‘St Blue’, Red amaranthus, Leonotis Leonurus and Odontoglossum tiger orchids and the last garden roses of the season ‘Piano freiland’ and ‘Eternity Freiland’.

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